Saturday, July 17, 2010

Arizona Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans

Here are some Medicare basics:

Vertex insurance is a contracted provider of both medicare advantage and medicare supplement plans. An overview of the two options is listed below: You can also visit our website.

Medicare Advantage

Monthly premiums usually lower.
Usually have to identify a primary care physician.
When getting medical attention there is usually a copay.
Visiting a specialist usually requires a primary care physician referral.
PFFS plans offer greater flexibility of doctors.
PPO plans will allow you to go to any medicare contracted physician but there may be an out of network charge.
Usually drug coverage is included in the plan.
Coverage for emergencies out of state.
Plan changes can be made during open enrollment.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare remains your primary and the supplement becomes your secondary insurance.
Greater flexibility of doctors to see. (Any doctor that accepts Medicare)
Out of state coverage.
Prescription drug coverage (Part D) needs to be purchased separately.
Usually minimal or no copays for services performed.
Requires a monthly premium.
Changes to these plans can be made anytime, but may require underwriting.
Plan benefits remain mostly the same with all companies. Pricing however is different.

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