Friday, January 2, 2009

Maternity Benefits

Maternity options are available on individual plans. Almost without exception there will be a waiting period. The three most popular are Assurant, United, and Cigna.
Assurant requires a three month waiting period. You will need to choose a maternity deductible amount. United has a set amount that is paid for maternity benefits based on the length of time you have had the coverage. Cigna requires a year waiting period.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Individual Health Insurance Quotes

We've set up a new website to give up to the minute health insurance quotes - This will help to see all options that are out there for individual health insurance in Arizona. We are working on another one soon to be released nationwide.

This one will help with arizona short term insurance and accident insurance as well.

Individual Health Insurance

The health insurance industry as a whole needs to reconsider some basic challenges to the individual seeking insurance. I make my living in the health insurance industry selling individual and group health insurance nationwide. Frequently I am put in a position not able to offer coverage or quotes to an individual that has what is considered a preexisting condition. Often this person has no option at all to get health insurance. I guess what I'm looking for is thoughts on how we can protect all the interests of all parties concerned. I just feel for this people, often it is children.